The purpose of the cosmetic bag is to facilitate makeup when going out, and it can put all kinds of cosmetics in it. It is usually a bag used to hold cosmetics. Divided into multifunctional professional cosmetic bag, simple travel cosmetic bag and small household cosmetic bag.

Professional cosmetic bag with multifunctional, multi-layer and storage pockets. Mainly used by professional makeup artists.

Travel cosmetic bag, easy to carry. The compartments are few but functional. Common cosmetics can be placed.

Small home cosmetic bags in a variety of styles and styles. Colors and quality also vary, and more small cosmetic bags are promotional items from cosmetic companies.

What's in the makeup bag?

1. Sunscreen.

If you apply foundation without a barrier cream, it can clog your pores and damage your skin. And direct exposure to UV rays and air is extremely harmful to the skin.

2. Base makeup.

Choose the right base makeup according to your skin tone. A good primer can make your skin look smooth and flawless. Some primers have concealer.

There are also base makeup with skin nourishing function, but generally this function is very small.

3. Concealer.

For those with more blemishes, concealer is a must. For dark circles, some products contain some eye care ingredients in addition to covering.

4. Eye shadow.

Eye shadow is a makeup cosmetic applied to the lids and corners of the eye to create a contrast of shades and tones, giving a three-dimensional beauty, strengthening the eyes and making them look beautiful.

5. Blush.

Enhance complexion, increase skin rosy feeling. Don't use too much at one time, and use a little blush on your nose and chin as well.

6. Lipstick.

Lip balm works better before lipstick, especially for women with bad lips. Moisturizes lips.

7. Lipstick.

It is a cosmetic mainly used on the lips to add color or change the color of the lips. It is one of the important cosmetics.

When choosing a lipstick, also consider your skin tone. Choose a regular lipstick.

8. Mascara.

The main function is to color the eyelashes, make the eyelashes look thick, curled, etc., so that the shape of the eyelashes looks neat and beautiful, thereby enhancing the charm of the eyes.

9. Makeup brushes.

There are many types of makeup brushes. Eyebrow brush, lip brush, foundation brush, loose powder brush, blush brush, concealer brush, eyeliner brush, eye shadow brush, etc.

A practical and beautiful cosmetic bag can reflect a person's taste and temperament.