Breakfast is an important part of three meals a day, but most people tend to ignore it. Many people may skip breakfast because of a tight schedule at work, or because they are trying to lose weight. Know that this kind of behavior is not desirable, it is also a bad habit. Wrong eating habits can also affect our physical health.

Many people think that just eating breakfast is good. Some people will eat fruit instead of breakfast or to lose weight. In this way, the brain is deprived of energy supply, as well as protein that can make people energetic. There are also some friends in the morning snack instead of breakfast. The body is dehydrated. Most snacks belong to dry food snacks, which affect gastrointestinal digestion. At the same time, it is easy to feel hungry before noon, and blood sugar will be significantly reduced.

The best time to eat breakfast is between 6 am and 10 am, because of too much stomach acid secretion. For the stomach, this is the best time to have breakfast. If you eat breakfast after 10 o 'clock, you will have symptoms of loss of appetite at noon. Although it can supplement nutrition, the absorption is relatively weak. If you eat breakfast too early, your stomach will also be affected.

Some workers choose to eat breakfast on the way to work to save time. In fact, eating breakfast like this is bad for your health. The harmful substances in the air are eaten into the stomach along with the diet, which is not only not good for your health, but also damages the health of the body. The other is that when our muscles are active, blood from the stomach and small intestine, which drives the digestive system, is diverted to the muscles. When walking, the frequency and amplitude can affect the absorption of our intestines and intestines, leading to indigestion and other conditions.

If we don't eat breakfast for a long time, our body will show some changes. The most obvious is the growth of fat. In addition, people who don't eat breakfast also give off unpleasant smells from their mouths, leading to an increase in bad breath. So breakfast is very important for us. We should follow the principle of "balanced, diverse and less oil", so as to be conducive to the healthy development of the body.

Different people, different age groups and different labor intensity will have different nutritional requirements for breakfast. Eat breakfast according to your needs.

Office workers, for example, need to increase whole grains, fruits and vegetables to reduce fat.

Office workers are faced with a lot of mental work every day, and sedentary, not only to prevent excess energy, fat hoarding, but also to ensure adequate nutrition. So, breakfast must have sufficient carbohydrates, rich dietary fiber, but also pay attention to trying to get low fat.

Carbohydrates mainly provide the body with energy to meet the energy needs of the morning labor. Protein can provide energy for the human body, but also participate in a variety of metabolic functions. It is easy to lack water in the morning, so reasonable water and vitamin supplementation can promote the metabolic function of the human body.

Breakfast should be light and less heavy food, such as fried food, spicy food, too sweet or too salty food. Also, limit frozen foods. These are not conducive to human digestion and absorption.