In the classic scene of the movie "Roman Holiday", Audrey Hepburn bought a yogurt-flavored cone in Plaza de España, sat on the steps while eating, and asked Parker, "Are you willing to accompany me to do these new things?"

The cone in Hepburn's hand is representative of Italian desserts and the classic of ice cream - Gelato.

This film also made many people know the name Gelato for the first time. Gelato is like warm Italy, casual, sunny, and full of fantasy and creativity.

In the 13th century, to relieve the heat of the sweltering heat, the residents of Sicily, Italy, would store ice and snow in a 30-meter-deep cellar in winter, take it out in summer, and then mix eggs, milk, fruit, and cheese, etc.

This is the ancestor of ice cream - Italian Gelato. After being improved and perfected by the people of Sicily in the 16th century, this idea was spread all over the world and gradually became the modern "ice cream".

Not all ice creams are called Gelato, why is only Italian ice cream at the top of the chain in the dessert industry?

A real Italian Gelato only uses fresh fruits, high-quality nuts, pure fresh milk, no water, coloring, and additives, so the fat content is only 4%-8%.

The fat content of American Ice cream is as high as 15%, and a lot of flavors, vegetable oil,s and emulsifiers are added.

This also determines that Ice cream can be stored for up to a year, while Gelato has a shelf life of only a few days and needs to be freshly made every day.

Gelato is made by hand, and the air inside is controlled below 30% during low-speed mixing, so it has a dense, solid, and delicate taste. The air content of industrially produced Ice cream needs to reach more than 50% to ensure its fluffy shape and unbalanced taste.

Nesting Group, which has been committed to spreading the aesthetics of Italian life, chose to reach a strategic cooperation with the world-renowned Italian ice cream brand GIOELIA Cremeria Italia through various explorations and inspections.

They bring this century-old Italian sweet taste to consumers all over the world so that people can enjoy the beautiful Italian way of life without any restrictions.

IMOLA GELATO——All raw materials and ingredients are imported from Italy, using the most expensive high-end Italian ice cream machine, replicating the classic manual craftsmanship and process, and strictly controlling every detail from production to production.

Freshly made every day, just to bring the purest Italian high-end ice cream to the world.

IMOLA GELATO has always insisted on fresh, natural, and original production. Fresh raw materials from high-quality origins ensure natural health and unique taste.

Daily hand-made fresh production ensures a dense and silky taste and a distinct taste experience.

These ice creams are pasteurized in the production process, so even those with lactose, eg, and gluten intolerances can enjoy this sweet classic with confidence.

IMOLA GELATO has so many flavors that everyone can find their favorite flavor.

The rich fragrance of Piedmont hazelnuts, the delicate and smoothness of Sicilian pistachios, the lightness and elegance of vanilla seeds, the lightness and mellowness of dark chocolate, the natural purity of various fruits, the alternating dance of milk base and various high-quality ingredients…

Every mouthful is filled with a pleasant taste between the lips and teeth, and the refresh and coolness diffuse in the mouth just right. No matter how the seasons change, there is always a taste that can inspire you to be satisfied with life.