European flower-viewing culture has a long history. The Italian poet Dante wrote in his immortal poem "The Divine Comedy" more than 400 years ago: "I go forward, but when I see flowers, my steps slow down."

In addition to winter, spring, summer, and autumn in Europe are good seasons for viewing flowers. Do you want to go see it? Let's go with this article to see those beautiful flower seas in Europe.

1. Holland Tulip Flower Sea

Holland is known as "Europe's back garden", here is the world of tulips, the kingdom of windmills, and the art sanctuary of Rembrandt and Van Gogh. The tulip is the national flower of the Netherlands, a symbol of beauty, solemnity, luxury, and success.

Now tulips are blooming all over the Netherlands, and people also connect the best places to appreciate tulips.

This flower viewing line is 40 kilometers long. Every year from March to August, the Netherlands welcomes the tulip season, attracting tourists from all over the world to come and watch.

2. Bulgarian Rose Valley

The city of Kazanlak is one of the regions with the largest number of oil roses in Bulgaria. For hundreds of years, Bulgarians have been building large rose gardens here and extracting rose oil called "liquid gold" from roses.

Therefore, this valley is called the "Valley of Roses". A week-long Rose Festival is held here every June, with events such as the selection of the Rose Queen, a rose-picking ceremony, a cabaret show, and a costumed parade.

3. Cherry Blossom Avenue, Germany

Bonn, the former capital of West Germany, has a history of 2,000 years and is also a holy place for cherry blossom viewing. Heerstrabe Street in the city center has been popular on the Internet in recent years.

It is a famous cherry blossom avenue. Every spring, the cherry trees planted on both sides of the street are full, and the sky will be covered with pink.

In addition, the whole city still retains hundreds of years-old European buildings, which is like being in a fairy tale world.

4. French Lavender Fields

Provence is located in the south of France, lavender blooms all over the mountains and fields, and flower fields occupy the mountains arbitrarily.

The small town of Valensole is a real lavender base, and it is the place with the largest area and the most complete varieties of lavender in the whole of France and even the world.

Valensole hosts the annual Lavender Festival on the third Sunday in July every year, where residents of the town wear traditional costumes and parade through the town with lavender products and agricultural implements.

5. Swiss camellia sea

Camellia, as a symbol of Chanel perfume, represents intellectual elegance, and the camellia in the Locarno region of Switzerland is the most famous in continental Europe.

Every year at the end of March and the beginning of April, more than 300 kinds of camellias compete here.

The camellia-filled town park by Lake Maggiore hosts a large camellia exhibition every year, and the beautiful flowers from the hands of flower cultivation experts make the entire Locarno region permeated with a sea of flowers.

At this time every year, thousands of experts and camellia lovers from all over the world gather in Lake Maggiore to feel the breath of spring for the first time.