A donut is a sweet treat made from flour, sugar, cream and eggs and then deep fried. The two most common doughnut shapes are hollow rings, or closed doughnuts with sweet fillings like cream and custard in the middle of the dough.

It also has its own sweet past. Let's take a look.

One day in 1940, there was a Captain Gray who loved to eat fried bread made by his mother when he was a child, but found that the center part of the fried bread was not fully cooked due to insufficient frying time.

So Gray's mother scooped out the center of the doughnut and fried it again. It was discovered that deep-fried bread tasted even more delicious, so the hollow deep-fried bread doughnut was born.

You can see the mother's care and love for her child. Donuts, a delicious food, are an everyday snack. Different foods have different legends and stories, donuts are the embodiment of love and emotion.

Donuts remain one of the most popular desserts in America and can be found in any pastry or fast food restaurant. Liked by people of all ages.

In Asia, doughnuts are primarily considered a snack food, but in the U.S., many people eat doughnuts as a breakfast staple, and there's even a "doughnut day."

Donuts are a high-calorie food. A doughnut weighs about 20 grams and contains 70 calories. After being ingested in the body, it is easy to turn into fat and lead to obesity, so it is recommended not to eat too much.

After the ingredients are fried, they will absorb a lot of fat, which not only increases the calories, but also seriously affects weight loss. It also produces carcinogens that are not good for health.

But doughnuts are also rich in protein, carbohydrates and fiber, so eating some doughnuts in moderation can increase satiety, improve hunger, and avoid other foods.

Friends who like sweets can also try it at home. The steps of making donuts are not very complicated, I believe both adults and children will like it.

A doughnut that can't be denied by anyone with a sweet tooth.