Do you know about private jets? Here are some introductions about aircraft companies.

Cirrus SR22 is the world's best-selling high-performance single-engine 4-seater compound aircraft, known as the "BMW in the Air".

The aircraft is 7.92 meters long, 2.71 meters high, and has a wingspan of 11.68 meters. Although the aircraft is small, it has excellent performance and an output of 310 horsepower. The biggest highlight is that it is equipped with the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System.

In an emergency, the aircraft can open the parachute to achieve safety landing. In order to design a more exhilarating flying experience for the pilots, Cirrus has created better control performance and comfort, which reduces anxiety for them, thus greatly improving the pilot's control ability.

Cirrus Design Corporation was established in 1984. Since then, efforts have been made to design and manufacture aircraft that are more maneuverable, more comfortable, and safer.

In 1994, Cirrus moved its corporate headquarters to Duluth, Minnesota, and began designing and developing the SR20. Today, Cirrus is the leader in piston single-engine aircraft. In fact, for the past five years, Cirrus' SR22 has been the best-selling model in its class in the world.

Bombardier is an international transportation equipment manufacturer headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The main products include regional aircraft, business jets, railway, and high-speed railway locomotives, urban rail transit equipment, etc.

Joseph-Armand Bombardier was born in Valcourt, Quebec in 1907. A shy but determined mechanic, he's always wanted to build a vehicle that could "float" on snow. In 1937, J.-Armand Bombardier built the first snowmobile in his small garage.

In 1932, the Beechcraft couple founded the Beechcraft Aircraft Company. The first aircraft they produced was the Beechcraft 17 biplane, specially designed for business travelers. The aircraft proved to be faster than its contemporary military counterparts, winning numerous air races.

In 1974, Beechcraft delivered the first Beechcraft King Air 200, setting new standards for spacious cabins, speed, and passenger comfort in business aircraft. So far, Beechcraft has delivered a total of nearly 2,000 military and civilian King Air 200 aircraft.

In 1975, Beechcraft delivered the first C-12 to the U.S. Air Force, a military variant of the Beechcraft Super King Air 200. Today, the C-12 comes in various structural variants and is in service with all four components of the U.S. military - Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. The Navy also uses the Beechcraft T-34C turboprop as a training aircraft for initial flight training.

On February 8, 1980, Beechcraft Aircraft Company became a subsidiary of Raytheon Company, a Lexington, Massachusetts-based company that deals in a variety of electronic and technical products.

Back in 1984, Beechcraft delivered its first pressurized cabin regional airliner, the Model 1900. Today, more than 500 of the 19-seat turboprop have been delivered worldwide.

On March 23, 2001, the future of business aviation was revealed. Raytheon Aircraft Company held a ceremony on this day to celebrate the FAA certification of the new Prime Minister One business jet.

Prime Minister One is the first business jet certified with an all-composite fuselage, the first business jet designed from a blank slate to be certified by Raytheon Aircraft, and the first Raytheon Aircraft certified in ten years new aircraft.

There are currently 300 orders, with a unit price of about 5.3 million US dollars. On April 17, Raytheon held a ceremony to celebrate the first delivery of its second composite-body business jet, the super-midsize Hawker Horizon business jet, which has an intercontinental range and can seat 13 passengers.