Organic skin care products, as the name implies, differ greatly from ordinary skin care products in the word "organic".

"Organic" refers to the raw materials, composition proportion and production and processing requirements of organic skin care products.

Organic skin care products must use organic certified plant raw materials to ensure that their ingredients are natural. At the same time, Petrochemical products can not be added to skin care products, irritants can not be used, and there can be no synthetic additives. In the purchase of organic skin care products should pay attention to distinguishing, whether there is a relevant organization certification

Generally speaking, organic skin care certification mainly has the following organizations.

1. German BDIH.

Whether in Germany or around the world, it is a more influential organic certification. The certification process of German organic certification BDIH is very stringent, which has a lot to do with the serious and rigorous style of Germans.

2. German Demeter.

It is the German demeter organic certification logo, it is currently the highest level of organic agricultural certification in the world, but also has the laudatory name of "organic in organic".

3. Australian NASAA.

Its certification standards are also very stringent. It requires that the organic content of the applied product should be higher than 95% before it can be marked with the Australian NASAA organic certification logo.

4. UK Soil Association.

The logo of Soil Association organic certification is very simple, and the black-and-white color scheme looks super official. The products certified by it have even become the representative of high quality and high reputation of organic products recognized by European countries.

Organic skin care advocates a kind of "slow skin care", focusing on long-term skin health rather than quick effects, even with ingredients that are really good for the skin.

It is precise because of this concept that organic products are often criticized for their poor sense of use. For example, cleaning products can not add irritating watch work, and often have the illusion that washing is not clean;

Sunscreen products can only use physical sunscreen, there will be a thick phenomenon and so on. If you want your skin to stay in good condition for a long time, organic skincare is one of the best choices. at

At present, there are some good organic skin care products on the market:

1. Dr Heuschka, a German family.

2. Oshadhi.

3. French Melvita.

4. UK Pai.

Specially developed for sensitive muscles, try wild rose soothing day cream, very moisturizing. Generally speaking, natural skin care products will contain allergic ingredients

Especially sensitive skin is not suitable. Pai, on the other hand, removes alcohol and all essential oils and is very friendly to sensitive skin. The cleansing of the same series is also excellent.