Blush is a cosmetic product that is applied to the cheekbone area of the face to give a healthy flush and accentuate facial features.

Usually, red pigments are used, but there are also brown, blue, bronze, and beige colors that can be used for cosmetic purposes.

Depending on the dosage form, blush can be divided into liquid, semi-solid, solid dosage form, aerosol, etc.

1. Liquid Rouge

Liquid Rouge is a liquid product, including suspensions and emulsions, whose matrix systems are dispersions and emulsions, respectively.

2. Cream Blush

Also known as rouge cream, is a bright shade, hydrophobic, similar to theatrical makeup oil, for heavy makeup or actor makeup with color cosmetics, the world has also appeared in daily makeup cans be used cream rouge.

It is easy to use, has good spreadability, suitable for dry skin.

3. Solid Rouge

Solid rouge is the most common type of rouge, including the powder and glue, etc. compressed and solidified into a block product, that is, powder rouge as well as loose powder rouge two.

Solid blush is the most convenient to use, even and long-lasting makeup, easy to operate, easy to master, and suitable for beginners.

However, solid powder has a strong ability to absorb moisture and oil from the skin and is not suitable for dry skin.

It can be applied with the help of a special blush brush to apply makeup evenly.

4. Gel Rouge includes both the anhydrous gel and hydrogel types.

Anhydrous gels are based on oil-based gels, while hydrogels are based on water-based gels.

The appearance is jelly-like, transparent, and with trembling elasticity, and can form an elastic film when applied to the skin.

Gel blush makes a natural, transparent, and shiny finish, suitable for natural light makeup.

It can be applied evenly with fingers or a sponge to apply makeup.

5. Aerosol-type Rouge

Commonly used mousse-type rouge is the colorant pigments dispersed in the emulsion and throwing agent, contained in a metal pressure-resistant can with a nozzle valve.

It can be applied to the skin's surface to form a shiny film with a fresh texture to make natural and fresh makeup. However, the production process of aerosol blush is complicated and the cost is high.

How to use

1. Liquid blush, cream blush, gel blush, and aerosol blush are used to set loose powder and powder before use, dab on the cheeks, and pat or spread evenly with fingers or sponge.

Aerosol blushes are shaken gently before use and the valve is pressed to produce a fine foam.

Solid blushes are used after setting powder and applied evenly with a special brush.

Take the most commonly used powder blush as an example, the standard way to apply blush is to brush from the cheekbones toward the temples diagonally outward and upward.

In addition to giving the skin a rosy and healthy color, blush can also be used to adjust the different brushing methods to modify the face shape defects.

2. According to the skin color, skin texture, clothing, temperament, and makeup requirements choose different types and different colors of blush products.

3. The amount should not be too large, so as not to feel too heavy makeup, hard and unnatural.

4. Choose the right auxiliary tools such as sponges and blush brushes, which can make the makeup easy.

5. Remove the makeup thoroughly in time to minimize the damage to the skin.