Nowadays, many people like to keep cats as pets. They are all cats. Different breeds have different personalities. Moreover, some of the more expensive cats are relatively rare. Their colors are very special and the price is very expensive.

1. Maine Coon cat

This cat is strong, quiet, and luxurious to look and feel. This cat has one important characteristic that sets it apart from any other breed: They often make cheerful bird-like chirps to greet their human or feline family. Although they are happy to be with people, they are still very independent cats who like to go their own way and have many ways of behaving themselves. Female Maine Coons are more noble than males.

2. Ashra the cat

It's a mixed-breed cat, the most expensive cat in the world. This cat is about the size of a dog and has tiger and leopard-like spots and patterns all over its body! It has a pedigree between the African serval, the Asian leopard and the common house cat, and is the most expensive cat in the world at around $24,000 each!

3. savanna cat

The savanna cat is a cross between an African serval (male line) and a domestic cat (female line). Weight is about 12-17 kg. Its bouncing power is very strong, and it can jump up to more than 2 meters along the ground. In addition, the savanna cat loves swimming and is very smart.

4. Bengal cat

The Bengal cat has a broad, modified wedge-shaped head with a rounded outline. The head shape is longer in length and narrower in width. The head is slightly smaller in proportion to the body, but should not be too small. The skull forms a gentle curve behind the ears down to the neck. The jawbones of adult male cats are broad. The Bengal cat is a beautifully furred feline with a brown-spotted ring on the back and a black or dark brown tail. They are slightly larger than domestic cats. Its ancestor is a hybrid of the Asian leopard cat and the Egyptian domestic cat.