Italian cuisine is very rich. Italian cuisine pays the most attention to the essence and character of the raw materials, and the finished product strives to keep the original taste. I really like to use garlic, green onions, tomato sauce, cheese in the cooking process.

Most of the cooking methods are stir-frying, frying, roasting, stewing, and stewing. The main ingredients are usually wrapped or marinated, fried or grilled, and then cooked with the ingredients, so that the taste of the dish is exceptional, creating a layered and multi-faceted texture.

The most famous Italian dish is spaghetti. Spaghetti's famous three sauce systems: tomato base, fresh cream base and olive oil base, with a variety of seafood, vegetables, fruits, spices, to form a complex and varied sauce flavor. The noodles themselves are also varied, with elongated, flat, spiral, butterfly and other shapes, and colorful varieties are made by adding pumpkin, spinach, grapes, etc.

Also, there are Italian crepes. Italian crepes, also known as "pizza", are made by placing oil-dipped dough embryos in a pizza iron pan and adding various fillings (such as cucumber, eggplant, onion) to bake the noodles. Garnish with olives and diced eggs.

Italian pizza is famous for its margherita pizza, which is covered with more than a dozen basil leaves and exudes a charming aroma. The pizza uses mozzarella cheese and red tomatoes with green basil leaves to symbolize the Italian tricolor. Queen Margherita was full of praise after tasting it, so this pizza was named Margherita Pizza and became popular all over the world.