The reason why the suit is prosperous is that it has a profound cultural connotation. The main features of a suit are its crisp appearance, smooth lines and comfortable wearing. If it is matched with a tie or bow tie, it will look more elegant and simple.

Costume designers are responsible for designing high-quality, elegant and beautiful suits and other clothes for us. Generally speaking, a good fashion designer needs to have many abilities. If you want to engage in the profession of design, you must first learn to discover beautiful things, and only by improving your vision can you further solve the way of expression. The basic education of the school basically allows people who want to engage in design to understand the diversified expression methods, and also greatly improves the modeling ability of those who want to learn design, but even the top students of the school often cannot complete a satisfactory item very well. All in all,it depends on the honing of experience.

Some suit designers do not understand the meaning of innovation and often follow a unified model. Their suit designs all inherit a look that exudes safety, conservativeness, boredom, clunkiness, and anachronism, not to mention intellectual style and charisma. The customer is God, and many years of practice have led some designers to figure out an effective way to deal with customers, and this pattern can also be understood.

But designers who really want to achieve can't satisfy their own narrow circle, whether it is to prove themselves or to impress larger clients, but to constantly inspire their own inspiration and creativity. You need to explore in the classic styles, hone your creativity a lot, and integrate it with the market as soon as possible, so that the creativity can grow in the experience, so as to enrich yourself and activate your thinking.

A good designer must learn to create value. On the one hand, this value is one's own value. Don't always do some basic work, but must raise to a certain height to think about problems. At this time, designers should learn to use materials and effects flexibly, and control costs and expenses under the full trust of customers. At this time, the work should be a playful state of mind. Under the premise of being completely relaxed, you will find that your work is casual. Sexuality and detachment, and have been praised in the market one after another.