Drinking a cup of hot creamy chocolate in winter is undoubtedly a wonderful thing in life. When people feel sad and lost, drinking a cup of hot cream chocolate can often make people warm from the heart to the body.

But hot cream chocolate is not only delicious, but also has many benefits. Some medical studies have pointed out that hot chocolate can help the mind clear, think more quickly, and effectively prevent Alzheimer's disease. The antioxidant flavanol in chocolate can improve the brain and blood vessels, accelerate the blood flow of the brain, help activate the brain blood vessels of the elderly, and maintain memory.

Hot cream chocolate also has the effect of lowering blood pressure. After taking it continuously for half a month, blood pressure will be significantly reduced and gradually stabilized. Be sure to choose dark chocolate, which has more effects.

Also, hot chocolate is highly nutritious. The sugar and milk in hot cream chocolate will also add calories, high-quality protein and calcium to our body. If you insist on moderate exercise every day and a cup of hot chocolate every day, you can not only eat delicious food, but also ensure your health.

Hot chocolate has so many benefits, let's see how to make it. First we need to prepare the required materials.

1 cup frozen heavy cream

2 cups whole milk

50g milk powder

3g cornstarch

150g dark chocolate with 60% content

1. First make the whipped cream on top. Scoop out a cup of heavy cream, pour it into a medium mixing bowl, and place the bowl in the refrigerator. Refrigerating the cream ahead of time will whip better and taste fresher.

2. Start whipping the cream. Your cream is done when you whip until "soft peaks" appear, and the texture of the cream is like fluff on marshmallows.

The so-called "soft peaks" are when you take your stirring stick out, the cream "pulls out" with it, forming a mountain shape, and then gradually disintegrating.

3. Boil the milk until it boils, take out 50 grams of milk powder and 3 grams of cornstarch.

4. Pour the milk powder and cornstarch into a small bowl and mix them well.

5.Break 150 grams of dark chocolate with a concentration of 60% into small pieces.

6. Reduce your boiled milk to room temperature to prevent excessive frothing.

7. Add the dark chocolate prepared earlier to the milk at one time and stir.

8. Continue stirring, and as the chocolate melts, add the mixed cornstarch and milk powder. And keep stirring.

When the cornstarch and milk powder have fully dissolved and the hot chocolate has melted, your hot chocolate will already look great. But it's not over yet.

9. Reheat the hot chocolate, this will make your hot chocolate smoother and more delicious. When it starts to boil and bubbling, turn off the heat, this will prevent it from thickening.

To see if the hot chocolate is thick enough, you can use your finger write a line on the back of the spoon, and a good hot chocolate won't cover that mark again.

10. Pour the prepared hot chocolate into a cup and pour a tablespoon of cream on top of the hot chocolate. Then the delicious hot cream chocolate is completed.

Although hot cream chocolate is delicious and has many benefits, because it has a lot of sugar, too much consumption will increase blood sugar, and it may also be converted into body fat, which is very easy to cause obesity. So it is enough for a person to drink up to two cups of creamy hot chocolate a day.