Do you want to have smooth and shiny hair? Smooth and shiny hair is not born, these tips will make your hair more shiny.

Physiological aspects.


Eat less greasy, less spicy. Eat more fruits and vegetables and some foods that are good for hair, such as black sesame paste.

Sleep: Develop good work and rest habits every day, don't stay up late. Staying up all night hurts the liver. For your hair, try not to stay up late.

Scalp Massage: After each shampoo, massage the scalp with your fingertips. Both relax and make hair better.

How to choose a shampoo?

Choose a shampoo that suits your hair type. People with dry and normal hair should choose a moisturizing shampoo. People with oily hair should choose a shampoo that removes oil, and can use conditioner regularly.

The correct blow-drying procedure also has a certain effect on the hair.

Correct steps.

1. Pat and blot wet hair with a towel.

The cuticles on the surface of the hair are less resistant to friction, and if damaged, the hair will lose its protection and luster, so rubbing is not advisable.

2. Dry your hair with a hairdryer.

Use the right technique! Blow drying is not only to achieve the purpose of drying hair, but also to maintain the hair well.

The wind from the hair dryer must be blown on the scalp and hair roots first. Secondly, control the wind direction, blow from the root to the end of the hair, do not blow randomly.

3. It is best to use a roller comb when blow drying.

Use a roller comb to help detangle your hair for a smoother finish.

Especially when blow-drying, the hair needs to be caught with a comb. If your hair becomes dry and crooked, you can spray it with water and dry it tightly with a comb.

4. Cold air is more suitable for drying hair than hot air.

When blowing your hair, it is best to choose a blow dryer with low wind speed and low temperature, so that the hair will not lose a lot of moisture due to the high temperature during the blowing process, which will make the hair dry and frizzy.

When blow-drying, pay attention to combing the hair with a comb, and you can directly dry it with cold air.

5. When the hair is half dry, you can apply a little essential oil to make the hair softer.

Drying your hair every day is not recommended.

The moisture and nutrients contained in hair are limited.

Blow-drying your hair every day can cause your hair to lack moisture and nutrients, leading to various hair problems.

Use less hair dryer. After each shampoo, use the hair dryer to absorb most of the moisture from the hair, and then use the hair dryer to dry the back of the head to prevent headaches. Then air dry naturally.