To cultivate succulents well, it's essential to first nurture their roots, and then consider techniques for enhancing their coloration.

Apart from these two classic sayings, today there's a desire to share several sincere expressions with fellow enthusiasts. These are all honest truths that, once understood, will undoubtedly simplify the process of nurturing succulents.

1. Easy to care for doesn't mean well-cared for:

Many people are drawn to succulents because they've heard they're low-maintenance plants. However, they often find themselves with unattractive plants or empty pots every year. This leads to disillusionment and hesitancy to purchase new succulents.

Every succulent expert has gone through numerous failures and accumulated experience over time. Beautiful succulents have no standardized criteria. To care for succulents properly, it's crucial to water them sparingly, especially allowing the soil to dry between waterings. Succulents that are excessively watered are challenging to save if their roots rot.

Additionally, they require shade and insulation during extreme temperatures unless you've had extensive experience with their needs. Adequate sunlight, particularly on balconies, is essential for vibrant succulents. Every beautiful succulent is the result of dedicated care.

2. You can't buy the state; what you see isn't necessarily what you get:

Many enthusiasts spend significant amounts on succulents with impressive appearances, assuming they can replicate the same conditions. However, a succulent's state is a result of both environment and care techniques, not just money.

Pursuing a particular state may lead to disappointment, as purchased succulents might not sustain their beauty. Therefore, focus on factors like price, variety, plant shape, and health when purchasing succulents. Even the same variety may exhibit vastly different states in different regions. Thus, choose varieties that suit your care environment, and don't judge your succulents too harshly during summer when even greenhouse-grown plants may lose color.

3. Don't obsess over collecting varieties; desired varieties will keep growing:

Once you're deep into succulent cultivation, your wallet may seem to have a mind of its own. Enthusiasts, especially those obsessed with collecting varieties, find themselves continuously acquiring more.

With the rapid emergence of new hybrid varieties, it's impossible to collect them all. Hence, select a few dozen varieties that suit your care environment and focus on nurturing them. This approach will lead to a more enjoyable cultivation experience.

4. Learn to befriend time in succulent cultivation:

What defines a beautiful succulent? Initially, you might think it's vibrant colors, but over time, you'll realize that succulents' charm lies in their ever-changing hues with the seasons.

As long as they're healthy and not elongated, slightly colored succulents are still appealing. Succulent cultivation demands patience. With time, they'll grow more beautiful, fill their pots, sprout side shoots, and even become gnarled old trunks.

If you enjoy cultivating succulents, consider these four tips; they'll undoubtedly help you nurture succulents that are both beautiful and vibrant!