In daily life, we often encounter the question of who to give gifts to. Every time this time, you always don't know how to choose. Searched online, but couldn't find anything.

In short, every time give someone a gift, people feel dizzy and annoying. and have briefly summarized a few tips for choosing gifts, hoping to help you a little when choosing gifts.

1. Do whatever you want

Choose gifts according to the recipient's hobbies and personalities. Things that are too difficult to get started are not recommended.

2. Avoid long selection method

Avoid the areas that the other person is good at and the areas that you are not good at, so choose the areas you are good at and choose gifts.For example: the other party likes drinking tea very much, and he knows tea very well, but he doesn't know much about it. At this time, he can't send tea, but he can send a better tea set.

3. The sword goes sideways

Find unpopular verticals in their areas of expertise and conduct gift screening. Unpopular vertical fields: In the same product field, different brands are horizontal fields, and different products of the same brand are vertical fields.

4. Demand cut-in method

Give the other person what they need, preferably just what they need.

5. Avoidance and Complementary Method

Avoid the aspects that the recipient is willing to spend a lot of money on, and turn to other aspects that the other party can use but are unwilling to spend a lot of money on to form a complementarity. You can also directly give something that the recipient is willing to spend a lot of money on, but you have to consider the core value of the gift, as well as the demand.

6. Observation selection method

By observing the recipient to choose the gift that is suitable for him. For example, if you want to ask others for help, but don’t know what gift to give, you can observe the layout of other people’s homes at this time. If there is an empty space, you can also send a painting. If not, you can observe whether other people’s children are not. Missing some learning tools etc.

Gift choices vary from person to person. In addition to arranging romantic dinners and sweet date trips on anniversaries of all sizes, sweet surprise gifts are of course an indispensable part! Of course, the most classic gifts for anniversaries are bouquets.

Whether it is a warm red rose or a colorful design bouquet, it will definitely convey your deep affection and make the other party greatly moved! If you feel that only the bouquet is lacking in new ideas, you may wish to add delicate accessories such as earrings and bracelets to the bouquet this time. You can also order cakes, chocolates, etc. to add more sweetness to the anniversary!