We all need optimum production and immensely creative and positive environment to work or study. When designing your study room, you just don't need a desk and chair to work, there are endless other small things to keep in mind while decorating it.

Whether you like colours or you are a minimalist, it's best to give a touch of your personality to your study room. Here are some study room ideas for your home.

1. Create a Designated Spot

Some people focus best in a quiet, small space with no outside distractions. If this describes you than an office or corner of your apartment might work best. Invest in a small desk, comfortable chair, proper lighting, and some motivational wall decor to brighten things up and keep you on task. An office with a door that closes is ideal for those needing privacy and quiet to concentrate.

If you’re using a corner of the apartment, purchase a room-divider to close-off space. Sound machines and soft music are the perfect way to drown out other noises and potential distractions. The downside to creating a study space tucked away from the outside world is the risk of feeling isolated and lonely. If you need a certain level of social interaction, consider using a common area instead.

2. Furnishing The Room

You can give a study room a new look by repainting furniture pieces, tables, and chairs with the best paint sprayer for furniture. Also, If you’re easily distracted, you don’t want to clutter the room, so keep it as bare as possible. Choose a comfortable chair and a plain desk from the best quality furniture brands, keep your supplies stored away and don’t hang anything on the walls or put too many decorative touches. The main thing is to pick a desk that will accommodate everything you need and that works with the comfortable chair you choose for a good posture. If necessary, choose appropriate lighting to avoid eye strain and remember that cool white light is better than warm yellow because it best mimics natural sunlight.

3. Add A Pop Of Colour

You might be all about going decent with greys, whites and browns but it is always a great choice to add a colourpop factor to it. You can try adding bright and vibrant table decor to jazz it up.

4. Light It Up Well

Your study room is going to be a place for all your productive work and it's best to add the right amount of light to the room for better working environment. Apart from the table lamp, also opt for ceiling lights that are beautiful and serve the functional purpose at the same time.

5. Bring Some Nature Indoor

Some greenery will help in accentuating the entire look of the room and make it look lively and attractive. Add one or two room plants in your study room.

6. Collect And Display Mementoes

It can also help display your collection items to personalize your room, like baseball cards, treasures, or awards you’ve won. This can help you feel more positive and happier in your study room.

7. Include A Calendar

Your study room should also include a calendar or agenda to help you stay focused and on track. Consider getting a big desk calendar or wall chalkboard to write down key information like submission deadlines, to-do lists, and anything else you should know. Colour-code the information by project or class so you can easily read through your tasks.