Butterfly orchids are beautiful and delicate flowers, with a long flowering period, and many flowers, can absorb harmful indoor gases, purify the air and be used as potted plants.

They can also be used as bridal bouquets, and high-grade material for flower baskets and as gifts during the festive season.

Here's what you need to know about Butterfly Orchids.

Varieties of Butterfly Orchids

Usually, among the varieties of butterfly orchids, the more common ones are the small-flowered, Mann, spotted, Dianthus, red-flowered, white-flowered, red-hearted, Banna, Philippine, and Afghani varieties.

These ten varieties have different ornamental values and are all suitable for potting and caring.

1. Small-flowered Butterfly Orchid

The small-flowered butterfly orchid is more common in normal times. Its form is similar to the common varieties, but the flowers are much smaller than other varieties and have a unique ornamental value.

2. Mann's butterfly orchid

The Mann's butterfly orchid is also one of the butterfly orchid species, its leaves are green but yellow at the base, and the flowers are orange-red with maroon and purple horizontal stripes.

3. Spotted butterfly orchid

The Spotted butterfly orchid is an excellent variety of butterfly orchid, with pink flowers with white spots. It’s ideal for potting in the home for a good ornamental display.

4. Red-flowered butterfly orchid

The red-flowered iris is also similar in form to the common variety, with beautiful butterfly-like flowers that are bright red and, although not as eye-catching as roses, have their unique ornamental value and are suitable for potting.

5. White flowered butterfly orchid

Both the White butterfly orchid and the Red butterfly orchid are part of a range of species, both of which have similar growth habits, but the flowers of the White butterfly orchid are pure white with a purple core.

6. Red Heart butterfly orchid

The Red Heart butterfly orchid has large flowers with white petals and a few pink and yellow ones with a red core.

7. Banna butterfly orchid

The Banna butterfly orchid has well-developed roots and needs loose, fertile potting soil for its substrate.

8. Philippine butterfly orchid

The Philippine butterfly orchid is relatively hardy, its petals are brownish with purple-brown horizontal markings and it usually blooms beautifully from April to June, with the flowers blooming most vigorously from May to June.

9. Alford's Butterfly Orchid

The overall form of Alford's butterfly orchid is different from most species and it is particularly adaptable to its environment.

The flower language of Butterfly Orchids

The language of each species varies considerably. However, they do have one general language, which is "the coming of happiness".

The language of the different varieties

1. Fuchsia: The language of this flower is "love you". This colour of the Butterfly Orchid is usually the symbol of love. It has a bright colour and looks like a butterfly fluttering in the air.

2. White: This colour is pure and fresh. Its language is "pure love" and "precious friendship".

3. Red: This is a bright, vibrant colour. So, too, is its language, "family happiness" and "good business".

4. The striped Butterfly Orchid means good luck and success in everything you do and is suitable for every family and age group to plant and use as home decoration.

5. The yellow butterfly orchid symbolises prosperity and business.

6. Mini Butterfly Orchids represent happy angels and prosperity.