The global environment needs to be safeguarded by all mankind. In recent years, global environmental problems have been severe.

Currently, several major environmental problems threaten the survival of mankind.

1. Global warming

Global warming may also affect rainfall and changes in atmospheric circulation, making the climate weird and prone to droughts and floods, all of which may lead to changes and damage to ecosystems, and global climate change will have a range of significant impacts on human life.

2. Depletion and destruction of the ozone layer

The depletion of the ozone layer will increase the intensity of ultraviolet radiation on the ground, posing a great danger to life on earth.

Studies have shown that UV radiation can destroy biological proteins and the genetic material deoxyribonucleic acid, causing cell death; increasing the incidence of skin cancer in humans; damage the eyes.

Leading to cataracts and blindness; and inhibiting the growth of plants such as soybeans, melons, and vegetables.

3. Decrease in biodiversity

In recent centuries, due to the rapid increase in population and the unreasonable exploitation of resources by humans, coupled with environmental pollution and other reasons, various organisms and their ecosystems on earth have been significantly impacted and biodiversity has been greatly damaged.

Therefore, protecting and saving biodiversity and the living conditions on which these organisms depend is equally an essential task before us.

4. The spread of acid rain

Acid rain falling on rivers and lakes hinders the growth of fish and shrimps in the water, resulting in a reduction or extinction of fish and shrimps.

Acid rain also causes acidification of the soil, destroying its nutrients and impoverishing it, endangering the growth of plants, causing a reduction in crop yields, and jeopardizing the growth of forests.

5. Sharp decline in forests

On today's planet, our green barrier, the forest, is disappearing at an average rate of 4,000 square kilometers per year.

The decline of forests is undermining their function as a source of water, causing a decline in species and soil erosion, and a reduction in the absorption of carbon dioxide, which in turn contributes to the greenhouse effect.

6. Land desertification

The Tigris and Euphrates river basins, the cradle of human civilization, have been transformed from fertile land to desert.

7. Atmospheric pollution

The main factors of atmospheric pollution are suspended particulates, carbon monoxide, ozone, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, lead, etc.

Atmospheric pollution causes 300,000 to 700,000 premature deaths each year due to soot pollution, 25 million children suffer from chronic laryngitis, and 4-7 million rural women and children suffer.

8. Water pollution

Water is one of the substances we need and are most exposed to daily, yet water has become dangerous today.

9. Marine pollution

Human activities have increased nitrogen and phosphorus by 50-200% in offshore areas; excessive nutrients have led to the growth of coastal algae.

Marine pollution has led to frequent red tides, and the destruction of mangroves, coral reefs, and seagrasses, resulting in in a sharp decline in offshore fish and shrimp and heavy losses in fisheries.

It is the responsibility of every one of us to protect the environment, after all, the earth is now our only home.

To protect the environment we can specifically do the following things.

1. In our life, we should save water, electricity, and paper, as well as the good habit of saving food.

2. Do not litter or spit on the ground.

3. Don't trample on the lawn and pick flowers.

4. Learn how to separate rubbish.

5. Travel in private cars as little as possible.

6. Don't throw away used batteries and disposable plastic bags.

7. Protect wild animals and plants and do not destroy their habitats.

8. Do not pour dirty water, wastewater, and toxic substances into rivers.

9. Protect forests. Actively contribute to people's afforestation efforts and stop people from cutting down trees indiscriminately. Do not waste paper and, if necessary, use both sides of the paper.

10. Carry out environmental awareness activities. You can initiate some actions to carry out publicity and call on people to protect the environment, which is everyone's responsibility.