The ocean and we are one. Although the ocean contains many resources, the regeneration of marine resources also takes time. If we develop marine resources uncontrollably without paying attention to protection, these resources will always be used up one day.

Moreover, the ocean itself also has a huge purification capacity for pollutants such as transportation, dilution, diffusion, oxidation, reduction and degradation. But this ability is not unlimited. When the toxic and harmful substances accepted by a local sea area exceed its own self-purification ability, it will cause pollution of the sea area. So protecting the ocean is extremely important and necessary.

To protect the ocean, we must first start from our side, clean the beaches around us, and not discharge garbage into the sea. You can start by visiting the beach around you and take ownership of keeping it clean and tidy; you can try organizing a local beach cleanup with neighbors and friends in your community to bring the community together to protect the ocean.

Second, to reduce the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide emissions. When excess carbon dioxide dissolves in seawater, it will form carbonic acid, which will reduce the pH value of seawater and cause ocean acidification. This in turn affects the normal growth of calcifying organisms such as corals and shellfish, and even has a fatal impact on them, thereby destroying the entire food chain and bringing great challenges to the survival of marine life.

Third, the discharge of domestic sewage and industrial wastewater will bring a large number of bacteria and toxic substances to the ocean, resulting in eutrophication of seawater. To improve the marine environment, we must pay attention to the issue of emissions.